About Us

Puzzle Academy is the home of hands-on cyber security puzzles happening on MoonyLand.

MoonyLand (moonyland.com) is an imaginary island nation that is brimming with history, arts and culture. They have their own government, banking system, hotels, e-commerce, and other online services. Oh, and they don’t take Cyber Security seriously!

You need to use your intelligence, internet skills and hacking knowledge to practically solve the exciting mysteries of MoonyLand. Sometimes you will be a good guy investigating cybercrime using clues, sometimes you will be a bad guy stealing credit card information of a MoonyLand citizen.

Puzzle Academy provides you with an environment to test your skills while keeping you and others safe without legal repercussions of hacking into a proprietary system. 

You will:
  • Get into hackers head and discover the way they think!
  • Learn about security risks, identity theft and other threats on the web
  • Understand security and privacy issues on the internet
  • Learn secure programming and how to protect your data, your business and your applications online
  • Most importantly, have FUN while learning!

  • Suitable for IT students, teachers, security professionals, web designers, programmers and any cyber security enthusiast
  • New exciting puzzles are added regularly!

Note: You are allowed to test the vulnerabilities and penetrate the web applications on MoonyLand.com for the purpose of solving the puzzles on Puzzle.Academy. Any type of cyber attack, vulnerability assessment or penetration testing performed on Puzzle.Academy website is not allowed. You are not allowed to perform any type of cyber attack on both websites if it causes disruption of the entire service.

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