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You can use MoonyLand as a guest for free. However, when solving puzzles as a MoonyLand guest you are working on an instance shared with other guest users. The Guest instance is reset every 30 minutes automatically and all changes will be reverted. However, a subscription allows you to have your own instance. Any change will remain active until you decide to reset your database. 

As a subscriber you will have a dedicated MoonyLand instance only accessible to you and the citizens of MoonyLand. This is particularly important when you are solving puzzles which cause a change in the database. For example a puzzle might require you to transfer a certain amount of money from the bank account of a victim to another bank account. In this case if you are using MoonyLand as a guest and another guest completes the bank transfer quicker that you, once you manage to hack into the victim's bank account the puzzle is already solved. 

There is no lock in contract. You can cancel any time.

Initial Fee (one-time upfront): AUD 5.00

Monthly Fee: AUD 5.00

Monthly Subscription

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